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Caterpillar Global Mining

ControlFlow 2-Way Card Access Security Revolving Door

Oak Creek, Wisconsin - Newly selected as world headquarters for Caterpillar’s mining operations, this facility needed rapid upgrades to meet tougher security standards. We recommended replacement of three existing card-access doors with a 2-way card access security revolving door. This door’s advanced design admits a single employee following access code entry or card swipe, then locks to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering behind. Right-sized quadrants accommodate one individual only to further prevent tailgating. Data from the door also integrates with Caterpillar’s security access database, making it easy for officials to monitor comings and goings 24/7.

Decision-makers at Caterpillar are so pleased with this sophisticated solution that they are now considering its use at other company facilities in Wisconsin.


Mason Street Grill / Pfister Hotel

Easy Flow Automatic Doors

Contractor: VJS Services, Pewaukee

Milwaukee, WI - This project involved planning and installation for a door to address climate control issues. It presented a unique challenge in that the project timeline from start-to-finish was less than 30 days. NABCO Entrances Inc. recommended and installed a segmented revolving door so the manufacturing process could be addressed very quickly.


Aldi Foods

Profiler Linear Drive Slide Door System

Contractor: Creative Constructors
(Aldi Corporation)

Oconomowoc, WI - This grocer uses a consistent entry/exit footprint across thousands of locations worldwide. The design uses four single sliders that are married together and placed at the exterior of a small, single vestibule, then repeated at the interior. The structure provides separate ingress/egress traffic flow without requiring a divided vestibule. The approach supports an energy efficient environment by minimizing loss of temperature, and also maximizes construction space limitations (due to Aldi stores being intentionally smaller than most other grocers.) The project features a linear drive slide door system.


Oconomowoc Corporate Center

Easy Access 7000 Low Energy swing door

Contractor: CG Schmidt

Oconomowoc, WI - Design requirements for this new office building specified use of swing doors, yet no exterior wall space was available for mounting of a handicap operator. NABCO Entrances Inc. collaborated with the contractor, CG Schmidt, to ensure the building provided a barrier-free entrance. To comply with ADA requirements, a post was placed within 12 feet of the door to house the handicap operator. It was designed and positioned to ensure optimal functionality without jeopardizing a professional appearance.

NABCO Entrances Inc. stocks this door in its own warehouse, making it quickly available to meet requirements for the shifting schedules often faced by construction managers. It can also be manufactured onsite, making it a solid choice for new construction or for retrofitting at an existing building. Beyond this door system, WAD placed 10 handicap-accessible doors at interior and exterior openings of the Oconomowoc Corporate Center.